Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter of 2014, was the best Easter ever. I woke up Sunday morning went to church then went out to eat, then came back and went to a Easter egg hunt with all my family. I didn't know my family was that big until I actually saw everybody. It was so many little kids sunning around and just enjoying there selves. I only pretty much went to take my niece and help her find eggs, she found 31 eggs and got 11$ in cash, I was so pound of her. Yesterday just being around my family and seeing everyone just brighten my day I didn't want to leave for nothing. Its hard being away from home and then having to come down for special events and then having to leave to go back to school, being away form home is not a good feeling all the time, sometimes its nice to get away but, then again your missing out on everything. For the meantime yesterday was a beautiful day for me to just hang around with my family and having a good time!

Monday, April 14, 2014

SoftBall TailGate
The Richard Bland college was invited to the girls softball team tailgate and games at 3 and 5 on April 2, 2014. They provided food and drinks and all we had to bring was our statesman sprite, it was so hot that day I couldn't be out in the sun for long because it would have just made me feel sick. I feel like that's the only time you really see people out the dorms is at events because food is provided and its free. Mostly everybody was there showing support because everything was free. I don't know if the girls actually won because I couldn't stay outside long. The sun was just a beat down and made me just as sleepy. I think it was a nice event to have outside while the weather was nice and everybody got to mingle and enjoy each other. It makes me feel really bad when I see any sport playing in hot weather, because all the clothes have to be on and all this extra things it involve but overall it was a nice event Richard Bland held.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break
Spring break was the most dread fullest break ever of 2014, I went home and did nothing, but the fact of being home and among family was the best. I got caught up on my rest and did a few job applications for the summer. I was also ready to come back to school because I felt a little bored and being in the 804 it was plenty to do on weekends and throughout the week. Being in the country is the worst place to live if your an out going person, but if you rather be home and a friendly family person  the country is for you. The weather was nice at least i came home and didn't have to worry about snow over spring break, it actually felt like spring time. the fact of the matter is I didn't like the fact I had to spend most of my money on gas, but most of all I didn't have to pay to get my hair done. Last but not least I went and sat at my baby's grave and just spent a little time with her even though she isn't here physically, she is still in my heart. I usually attend church while being at home, but every time I go people always have the erg to say "youre always home", but im the type that loves my family and loves to keep a update on my people!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

we have actually kind of started out spring break early, because we missed the 3rd and 4th of march its been crazy how our school days been cut short this semester. We have barely had classes, but in a way its just been a laid back semester! I am sick of the snow because it just holds me back I can go anywhere, but be stuck in my dorm. I rarely talk to anybody on campus I have a select few of friends which is a good thing because I can deal with less drama...! I'm glad none of our spring break is getting taken because I think I deserve a week off from just school.. Richard bland was just the right school for me, we get out mostly when it snows and mostly universities are still in secession. Being that we are on back roads it makes it even better because they don't clean the roads off as quick as they do the main roads..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The fashion show has been trying to go on forever in a day and finally it has came to and end and now, its canceled! they have worked really hard and dedicated their time to going to practices and trying to being a student with outside activities. After going to some of the practices and seeing them work so hard and being into what they were doing, no matter what the show should still go on. Every time the show was suppose to go the weather was bad and or timing was bad and it was just something that had to come in the way. All the girls had their outfits and was getting pretty and come to find out there is nothing. I feel for the girls because they truly worked hard and then get nothing out of it .
In class we have been trying to make our way through our first paper and doing peer reviews and doing a process memo. In the memo we talked about why we basically picked our first paper and how did the peer reviews helped or didn't help us, and what would it do differently or what were going to do going forward. This semester has been the worst cause Ive been really lazy and procrastinating of doing my work. Our essay are lengthy and more descriptive. My first essay is on Capital Punishment For Violent Crimes, I love criminal things and I love trying to detect problems,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 12, 2014
In class on Wednesday feb 14, 2014 we did peer reviews with our groups. we had to read our papers to our group, and then they had to read it and make corrections. I was the only one in my group who had my paper so there wasn't to many corrections that could be done to everybody's paper. Our papers have to be 1500 words and I got about to 500  words. we have kinda missed a lot of class period times so we haven't really been in class to do anything. The snow has really pushed back our days and our class times.