Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter of 2014, was the best Easter ever. I woke up Sunday morning went to church then went out to eat, then came back and went to a Easter egg hunt with all my family. I didn't know my family was that big until I actually saw everybody. It was so many little kids sunning around and just enjoying there selves. I only pretty much went to take my niece and help her find eggs, she found 31 eggs and got 11$ in cash, I was so pound of her. Yesterday just being around my family and seeing everyone just brighten my day I didn't want to leave for nothing. Its hard being away from home and then having to come down for special events and then having to leave to go back to school, being away form home is not a good feeling all the time, sometimes its nice to get away but, then again your missing out on everything. For the meantime yesterday was a beautiful day for me to just hang around with my family and having a good time!

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